S310B Kilovoltmeter Application Note


In routine electrical maintenance, it is often needed to measure or detect the presence of voltages both for safety and inspection purposes. In low voltages situations, a pen-like Non-contact voltage tester or multimeter can be used, but in high voltage situations, it can get a bit trickier. The instruments used must be able to have high enough dielectric strength to withstand the voltages while at the same time providing an accurate reading.


Measuring and detecting high voltage in overhead cables or trenches for regular maintenance, ensuring the cable is carrying the correct level of voltage.


The S310B provides a safe and easy solution for detecting and measuring voltages in high voltage cables. Simply hook on the cable using an insulation rod, then it can measure voltages up to 35kV at 1-2% accuracy, or be used as a non-contact inductance tester up to 500 kV. The instrument makes measurement by detecting the electric field; using the contact method for measurement, regardless if it is a neutral wire, live wire, earth/ground wire, high-voltage transmission line, a metal conductor, or just some current leakage caused by some insulation damage, as long as there is an electric field, this instrument will provide a reading.



  • Easily reached to overhead cables or trenches
  • Up to 35kV measurement and 500kV voltage test
  • 1V resolution
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use

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