S150/S150B AC Leakage Current Detector Application Note


In any electrical installation, some current will flow through the protective insulation layer to the ground/earth. This is usually called leakage current. However, leakage current can be very dangerous if it exceeds the permissible safe limit. Not only it may cause the equipment to overload and malfunction, but also it may cause harm to people. Regular inspections and monitoring are recommended to keep the proper function of the system.


Measuring the leakage current or current in electrical systems.


The S150 series helps users quickly identify, locate, trace as well as monitor the leakage current to prevent these preventable problems without taking equipment offline. It can be used to measure current, leakage current, frequency, and conduct waveform analysis. It is highly accurate with 0.1mA resolution, so it can be used even in settings such as measuring the leakage current of the transformer core ground. To measure leakage current you could either clamp around the grounding, or clamp the hot wires with the neutral and the reading it provides is the leakage current. In addition, the S150 can also be used to measure the line current of up to 500mA.



  • Versatile
  • Wide measurement range
  • Current: 0.1mA~500.0A(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Current: 0.1mA~500.0A(50Hz/60Hz)
  • 0.1 mA resolution
  • Up to ±2%±5dgt accuracy

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