AC Voltameter/multifunction PM Application Note


Regular residential and commercial electrical maintenance is vital for the safety of your home and business. Not only does it ensure the proper function and protection of all electrical instruments, protects the safety for you and others using electricity, it can also reduce energy costs. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of regular electrical maintenance, therefore Eaglotest offers instruments that are designed to make this process easier.


Regular maintenance and inspection of residential and commercial electrical systems


Our meters are specifically designed for convenience and come with a variation of designs. The mini clamp design S108B and S210B is designed to clip around small cables in tightly packed environments, whereas our S200B, S220B, S230B, S230D are designed to conduct measurements of multiple or thicker wires simultaneously.



  • Various clamp size or number based on needs
  • Can be easily used in small or packed environment
  • PSI, Power Meter, and Voltameter combined into 1

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