E101 TRMS Digital Multimeter


  • True RMS

  • Display count  6000

  • AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current

  • Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency

  • Fuse blown alarm

  • Diode/continuity test

  • Non-contact voltage test (NCV)

  • Max/min, data hold

  • Auto power off


Electrical switchboards; HVAC systems; Electrical circuit faults detection; Installation or maintenance of electronics/factory equipment; Electronics component; development, circuit board design; Users who need to distinguish between neutral/live wire frequently.


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The E101 6000-count True RMS digital multimeter is designed with a large LCD display. The maximum measurable capacitance is 100mF, with fast response time of less than 12s. The NCV and continuity test modes is equipped with audio and visual feedback. In addition, this product has a LIVE function which is used for distinguishing between live and neutral wires. Also the E101 model is designed with automatic fuse blown detection and high voltage protection.


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