S230B – 3ph Multifunction Power Meter


  • 3.5-inch true color LCD
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Power analyzer
  • Easy-to-use current clippers
  • Vector display
  • Versatile


It is a compact power meter that is suitable to be used in densely packed environments. The number of measurements it can measure makes it a highly versatile instrument. In addition, it gives users the ability to conduct a quick power inspection.


S230B 3ph Multi-function PM

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S230B is an intelligent 3 phase multifunction power meter specially designed to meet the needs of on-site power testing of 3 phase AC power system. The compact design of the clamps is very easy to use and can be very convenient for environments with densely packed cables. The instrument can simultaneously measure the voltage, current, phase angle between voltages, phase angle between currents, as well as phase angle between voltage and currents. It is also able to measure frequency, phase sequence, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, current vector sum, identify transformer vector group, identify inductive and capacitive circuits, test the secondary circuit and the busbar differential protection system, identify the phase relationship of each group of differential protection current transformer, and it can verify the configuration of the watt-hour meter. It is a highly versatile and essential instrument for electrical inspections. 230B gives users the ability to trace and correct faults in an electrical system quickly.


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