S510 Power Quality Analyzer


  • Comprehensive power quality analysis

  • Power, Harmonics, Transient, Tanφ, Phase angle, etc..

  • Turns ratio testing & K factor

  • Auto capture and log

  • Online monitoring function

  • Inrush current monitoring

  • Up to 2000V line voltage and 9000A current

  • Current Clamp size up to Φ200mm


Power quality testing.



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A comprehensive power quality testing equipment, with online monitoring function. A variety of current clamp available for selection depending on the applications.
Frequency, TRMS voltage, DC voltage, TRMS current, Phase voltage peak, neutral voltage peak, current peak,inrush current, CF, active power, reative power, inductive or capcitive circuit, apparent power, active, reactive & apparent energy, phase angle, Tanφ, harmoincs, harmoincs angle, total harmonic distortion, THF, ditortion factor, transformer K factor and balance of 3 phase power.


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